City Portraits

Hamburg and Ashdod are linked to each other by trade relations, which have developed through their respective seaports.

Additionally both cities are connected to each other by cooperation in the field of youth work and youth exchange since 2006. We are also linked to each other by a common history project since 2011, since 2012 Hamburg and Ashdod are related by “”, too.


But the question is:

  • How do youngsters coming from Ahsdod see Hamburg?
  • And how do youngsters coming from Hamburg see Ashdod?

This place is reserved for so-called “city-profiles” written by the participants of our youth exchanges between Hamburg and Ashdod.

You have already participated?

Then please send us your personal city-profile.

We would be happy to see:

Your best photographs, films, stories, reports, your phantasies and prospects for the future, which you have been dreaming in the partner city. We would like to show whatever you are willing to share with us.

Let us create two colourful patchwork-city-profiles!!!

You can easily find more information about both cities in the internet:

Hamburg Gallery


Ashdod Gallery