Expert Exchange

In the beginning of 2006 the “International Department” and also the “Youth Department” of the Municipality of Ashdod and the “Youth Department” of the Municipality of Hamburg started cooperation in youth work.

Back then a small delegation from Hamburg was invited to Ashdod in order to talk about possible future activities. Two years later, in February 2008, a first expert meeting took place in Hamburg, which was followed by a second meeting in Ashdod in November. Ever since the authorities organize joint meetings of youth workers, who plan youth meetings and reflect the experiences and also on occurring thoughts.

The meetings are attended by youth leaders, who participate in these youth exchanges either within the framework of their voluntary social work or on the basis of their professional duties. The meetings alternately take place either in Ashdod or Hamburg and are usually attended by eight people from each city. The program is prepared by the host country and jointly agreed.

The responsible authorities in Ashdod and Hamburg help one and another to the best of their abilities, trying to find suitable exchange partners in the case of individual requests, to incorporate these into the common network and to prepare the responsible leaders for the youth groups and the youth meetings. They also make a significant contribution towards establishing the financial conditions, which allow the partner organizations to invite one and another to these kinds of exchange programs.