History Project

The “DodBurg – History Project”

The idea of a historical project with youngsters from Ashdod and Hamburg came up during the expert exchange, which took place in Hamburg in September 2009. It finally became reality in 2011. The first history project started with 24 young Israelis and Germans in autumn 2011. We organised a first meeting for one week in December 2011 in Ashdod and a second meeting with the same groups and also for the duration of one week in March 2012 in Hamburg, too.

The basic Idea

The basic idea of the history project is the documentation of Jewish life in Hamburg and its traces to Israel and to Ashdod, if possible. We started to reconstruct an “Ashdod – Hamburg – Network” (we can call it DodBurg), which is not visible yet, but nevertheless existing.

Basic information about the former Jewish community of Hamburg can be found in the historically literature and in local archives. Furthermore we focus exemplarily on family biographies, i.e. that we search for Jewish families still living in Hamburg or originally coming from Hamburg in order to interview them as time-witnesses. And we also try to find traces between Hamburg and Ashdod through individual biography-research.

What can we do about this issue in Ashdod?

The Nazi time changed Jewish life in Hamburg in every possible kind of way: Jews lost their rights, their homes and their properties – and in the end their lives. Some Jewish people from Hamburg found ways to escape from the persecution of the Nazi regime and migrated to the States, other Europe countries, to Palestine or later on to Israel. Before 1933 Jewish families from Hamburg already moved to Palestine as well.

We were very much interested to get in touch with families in Ashdod – having roots in Germany and especially in Hamburg – in order to learn more about their family-biographies, personal interests and special perspectives of life.

How to get involved?

If you want to be a part of the History Project, you are more than welcome!

Just write us and we get in touch with you:

  • Thorsten: t.boernsen(at)plattsounds.de
  • Kerstin: kerstin.kuester(at)gmx.de
  • Rainer: Rainer.Schwart(at)basfi.de

our just use our Contact Form on this website