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Hamburg and Ashdod are important harbour cities in Germany and Israel, which are linked to each other by trade through their respective seaports.

Beyond their trade relations Hamburg and Ashdod started to develop a social network in 2006. Ever since Hamburg and Ashdod have entered into a partnership in order to establish and promote bilateral youth exchanges, aided by the coordination centre for German-Israeli youth exchanges “ConAct” and the “Israel Youth Exchange Council”.

Activities, experiences, highlights and results of the AshDod  – HamBurg Youth Exchange are documented here. DodBurg is representing this partnership and trying to make this social network visible.

The first youth exchange between Ashdod and Hamburg took place in 2008. Until the end of 2012 we have organized 18 German – Israeli youth meetings with about 200 participants in both countries. Follow-ups with new ideas are already scheduled. The exchange is accompanied by annual meetings of youth workers, professionals and volunteers.

The youth exchange between Ashdod and Hamburg benefits the willingness of the young people from and in both cities to develop a social responsibility and to acquire a better, in-depth knowledge of the other country, its social and political conditions as well as its history, culture and religion. Youth exchange promotes the ability of acting together.

Hamburg, July 2012